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Deploying a CAPTCHA OSGi config file prevents its system setting changes from working


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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Before starting up portal, copy the attached captcha osgi config file to Liferay Home > osgi > configs
      2. Start up portal and log in
      3. Navigate to Control Panel > Configuration > System Settings > Security Tools > CAPTCHA
      4. Change CAPTCHA Engine to reCAPTCHA
      5. Populate the "reCAPTCHA Public Key" and "reCAPTCHA Private Key" fields with api keys obtained from Google (or just type in any text, the fields just need to be populated)
      6. Save
      7. Log out of the portal site
      8. While logged out, Navigate to Sign In > Create Account

      Expected result: 
      The CAPTCHA iframe located at the end of the form should be using the reCAPTCHA engine. You can tell this if the the word "reCAPTCHA" and the reCAPTCHA logo is present within the iframe. See screenshot below:

      Actual result:
      The CAPTCHA iframe is still using the SimpleCaptcha engine. See below screenshot:

      Even though visually it looks like reCAPTCHA selection is saved in the within the system settings page, the changes don't actually take effect functionally.
      A workaround for this is to first reset the CAPTCHA system settings to default values (you may have to navigate to a different page and back or else resetting would not work) before setting the CAPTCHA Engine. The settings take effect when doing this.

      Reproduced on:
      Portal master Git SHA: 8cafb3b502fa72946f6f0e080562db9fd39ea69a


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