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As a forms builder user, I'd like to get the shareable link



      As a forms builder user, I'd like to get the shareable link

      Acceptance Criteria

      • The user should be able to get the link by clicking on the chain icon button next to the add elements button;
      • The button should have a tooltip "Copy URL" that appears below the icon for the hover;
      • When the user click on the icon a popover should appear with the link;
      • When the user click on the button Copy of the pop over the button should change to green with a check icon, the field should change it's style and a message "Copied to clipboard." must appear below the field.
      • Important: it's only possible to get a shareable link if the forms in published, otherwise the icon should be disabled with the tooltip on hover "Publish the form to get its shareable link."
      • Correction for past sprint: the tooltip behavior of the chain icon button for when the form is unpublished should change. The tooltip is on top on the icon and should be below.

      Definition of Done

      • ( ) Related tests created and passed successfully;
      • ( ) All Acceptance Criteria were passed;
      • ( ) Make sure that all system documentation were updated (if necessary);
      • ( ) Validated by QA, Product Designer and/or PM;
      • ( ) No critical issue related to Story scope (ex.: similar of a FP4, FP5 bug);
      • ( ) Code with peer review completed.


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