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Staging's Advanced Publication scheduling rules do not make sense in other localizations as it is not language agnostic



      Staging's Advanced Publication rules permit timed schedules based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly settings. While there is no problem with the functionality, the frontend is designed around English grammar. Even after switching to another localization, the scheduling retains an English grammatical structure while inserting localized text. This causes the logical sentence to be nonsensical in other languages.

      This scheduling functionality also differs from other repeat scheduling functionalities found on Liferay (for example, Calendar--which does utilize language agnostic design).

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Enable Staging from Site > Publishing > Enable Local Live, then perform initial publish
      2. Go to the Site, then on the top left corner of the page, click Publish to Live
      3. Click Switch to Advanced Publication
      4. For "Date" click the "Schedule" selection, then under repeat, select any of the toggles
      5. Assert that the scheduling is configured to a grammatical sentence structure that might work well in English, but does not work in other localization

      Actual Result
      Note: Fixed text is in green, and selectable or inputted text is underlined

      Recur every 1 day(s)

      Recur every 1 week(s) on: Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

      Day 15 of every 1 month(s)

      The First (COUNT) Sunday (DAY OF WEEK) of every 1 month(s)

      Every January (MONTH) 15 of every 1 year(s)

      The First (COUNT) Sunday (DAY OF WEEK) of January (MONTH) of every 1 year(s).

      Expected Behavior
      Although this system might work for English or other languages that follows English grammatical structures, this is extremely awkward and downright wrong for use in other localizations.

      For example, in Japanese, the structure is nonsensical. In Spanish, it makes some sense, but it's very awkwardly worded.

      The suggestion is to keep consistent with Liferay Calendar's scheduling method which permits a language/grammar agnostic form of scheduling.

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      Commit: f05e5ef1edef4e57d343b870740c7a1f08104798




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