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Advanced Search and Filtering for Documents and Media


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      To support high-asset-count DAM and personalization scenarios, you need to make it easy for business users to find the assets they are looking for among hundreds of assets of different types. Sometimes they will need to search by title, others they will need to search by the owner of a specific asset, or search just within the description of the asset.

      In this context, documents and media search is limited. The user can search by entering a text. This search will look at all the different fields of the asset: title, categories,... etc. The user cannot specify what field use to run the search. There is also some basic filtering capabilities. The user can filter search results by document type, recent assets and if the asset is mine or not.


      The goal of this epic is to enhance these search and filtering capabilities to help users to find what they are looking for to create the best experiences.

      Use cases and details to cover

      priority list:

      • A user wants to apply bulk actions to selected search results.
      • A user wants to filter by 
      • MIME type(s) (Image, document,...)
      • date updated (past day, week, month, custom??)
      • A user wants to apply multiple filters.
      • A user wants to see the location of a document or media asset in search results.
      • Remove recent filter (rework filter and sort menu)

      High priority use cases

      • A user wants to filter by 
        date updated (Past day, week, month, custom)
        MIME type(s) (Image, document,...) or document type(s). This will depend on the future of document types.
      • A user wants to search within a specific field (title, description, tags, categories, content, metadata).
      • A user wants to tune the filtering search results in a quick way.

      Low priority use cases

      • A user wants to filter by owner or owners (team/group).
      • A user wants to see the most probable results while typing before seeing all the results.
      • A user wants to see the recent searches,
      • A user wants to exclude a parameter from the search.

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