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After refreshing a multiple document uploader with files uploaded, attempting to add Document Type with required fields results in an unexpected error message


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      When adding files through the Multiple Document upload functionality, then refreshing the upload window, then attempting to re-save it with a custom Document Type with required fields, publshing results in an error indicating an-unexpected-error-occurred-while-saving-your-document.

      Note: After further testing, there seems to be strong evidence that the unexpected error appears only if we select a document type with a required field. All of the OOTB document types do not cause this behavior to occur.

      The problem here is twofold:

      • The files are not uploaded/saved with the selected Document Type
      • The key is not translated

      Use Case
      This emulates a scenario when files are dragged into the folder via the Multiple Upload functionality, but there is server slowness/unresponsiveness which prompts the user to refresh. Although this might seem like a unique use case, this is a realistic scenario, and the resulting behavior is problematic.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Liferay DXP -> Contents -> Documents & Media
      2. Open Document Type tab and create new document type as "image type" for the title.
      3. Open up the Main Metadata Fields dropdown
      4. Give it a name (DocType), then add a Boolean field, and configure it with "Required – Yes"
      5. Save the Document Type
      6. Go back to Documents & Media
      7. Select multiple upload and drag & drop (not open up a dialog and select files) a group of a few test documents
      8. Refresh the page, you will see "These files have been previously uploaded but not actually saved. Please save or delete them before they are removed." message.
      9. Click the check box above the files to be saved to select all
      10. On the right hand side, select Document Type and select the DocType, and check the Boolean
      11. Publish

      Actual Result
      The files aren't uploaded and the UI displays an untranslated key an-unexpected-error-occurred-while-saving-your-document, (Note: This string is not translated in Japanese or English).

      Expected Result
      Files must be uploaded correctly.

      Reproduced In
      7.1.x Private Commit: 40d9e186b7f81ae2c027e7e89fdb1ad890d6eb9f


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