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Workflow "last updated" datestamp is incorrect in Japanese localization



      • Summary
        While using Japanese localization, after saving a workflow, the last updated time is improperly displayed/localized.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set Display language to Japanese
      2. Navigate to Control Panel -> Configuration -> Workflow -> Plus button to create a new workflow.
      3. Add a title, and Save the workflow
      4. Examine the timestamp (including user and last updated date time) at the top center of the screen

      Actual Result
      The created user and last updated timestamp is not localized correctly:
      Test Test により8 16, 2018, 05:42


      This is actually nonsensical and is not properly translated.


      Expected Behavior
      The created user and last updated timestamp should read as follows:

      最終更新時刻: 2018年8月16日 05:42  ユーザー: Test Test

      To describe the reasoning about this a bit further, I will provide a comparison of English, Japanese and a description:

      English Japanese Translation Description
      Last Updated 最終更新時刻: Last update(d):
      2018 2018年 current 4-digit year + year character
      08 8月 current 1-digit (2-digits only on required months) + month character
      16 16日 current 1-digit (2-digits only on required days) + day character
      5:42 AM 05:42 current time in 24-hr with leading zero

      Note: Japanese uses the international date format of YYYY-M-D. M and D do not use leading zeroes.

      Reproduced In
      7.1.X Private Commit: 40d9e186b7f81ae2c027e7e89fdb1ad890d6eb9f




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