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Missing Japanese localizations in Forms



      There are several missing translations for Japanese in the Forms widget.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Your Site -> Content > Forms
      2. Click "New Form" button.
      3. Switch language to Japanese (append "ja/" in your url as an easy way)
      4. Look at elements selector on right side

      Actual Results
      There are some missing Japanese translations throughout the Forms portlet, and are displayed in English instead. 

      Expected Behavior

      Placement in Add Elements Drawer English Japanese Notes
      / Text Field テキストフィールド  
      / > Underneath Text Field Single line or multiline text area. 一行または複数行テキストを入力します  
      / > Text Field > Basic tab My text field has 行数  
      / > Text Field > Basic tab A Single Line 一行  
      / > Text Field > Basic tab Multiple Lines 複数行  
      / Select from List プルダウン This is called "pulldown" in Japanese 
      / > Underneath Select from List Choose an or more options from a list 複数の選択肢からプルダウンで選択します  
      / > Select from List > Basic Tab Create List 選択項目  
      / > Select from List > Properties Choose Options 選択オプション  
      / > Select from List > Properties Tab Allow Multiple Selections 複数選択可  
      / > Select from List > Basic Tab > Select "From Data Provider" radio Choose an Option 選択  
      / > Select from List > Basic Tab > Select "From Data Provider" radio No results were found. オプションはありません This one is highly contextual. It reads "There are no options" as a direct translation. We must include a contextual key such as no-results-were-found-forms=オプションはありません
      / > Select from List > Basic Tab > Click "From Autofill" Dynamically Loaded Data 動的に読み込まれるデータ  
      / > Multiple Selection > Basic Tab Show as a Switcher トグルスイッチとして表示する  
      / Single Selection ラジオボタン This is called "radio button" in Japanese
      / > Underneath Single Selection Select only one item with a radio button 複数の選択肢から一つの項目を選択します  
      / > Numeric > Properties > Toggle "Validation" If Input 入力値が  
      / > Numeric > Properties > Toggle "Validation" The Value  
      / > Numeric > Properties > Toggle "Validation" > The sample value in If Input is listed as 電話番号 (phone number) Number 数値 The key for "number" is using the translation for telephone number in this case, this might need to be contextualized to forms
      / > Numeric > Properties > Toggle "Validation" Show Error Message エラーメッセージを表示  

      Reproduced In
      7.1.X Private Commit: 40d9e186b7f81ae2c027e7e89fdb1ad890d6eb9f


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