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The Option To Combine The Edit Web Content Menu Into Portlet Topper Menu Is Missing in 7.1



      There are now two menus in the web content display widget, The second menu item which is inside the content DIV caused layout issues with existing web content because often WCD titles are hidden (this is true for application decorator > barebone too).

      In DXP 7.0 DE-54 an option was added to recombine the two menus back into one menu. Every 7.0 up to DE-33 had one menu not two. This regression also affects 7.1 and the option to combine these menus back into one menu must exist in 7.1+ until the placement of the second menu is relocated so that it doesn't cause issues.


      1) Running DXP 7.0 DE-28
      2) Add a page and a web content display portlet
      3) Add a basic web content and publish (note there is just one menu to manage this portlet)
      4) Take DE-28 to DE-34
      5) There are now two menus in this portlet which is not expected behavior
      6) Take DE-34 to DE-54
      7) Note there is now an option in the System Settings to combine the menus back to one menu
      8) Install 7.1
      9) Note this option in the System Settings no longer exists and there are two menus again and no way to recombine


      This option must be there because the placement of the second menu causes issues. This ability to combine the menus into one menu must exist. Actual
      In 7.1 there is no way to combine the menus back into one menu. This is a major regression.


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