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Employ a More Meaningful Rating System for Recent Bloggers Portlet


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      The Recent Bloggers portlet currently displays for each blogger their name, number of blog posts, number of ratings (recent change from -LPS-83153-), and the date. The single number output of "Number of Ratings" does not provide a meaningful metric for how popular (or unpopular) a particular blogger is.

      The fact that popularity is measurable based on the type of rating system employed (e.g., number of thumbs up votes versus number of thumbs down votes, average number of stars given out of 5 possible, total number of "likes", etc.), it would be a more useful and meaningful tool to have the portlet provide this sense of popularity of the blogger by updating the rating system.

      Here are some direct quotes/examples from a customer who seeks to improve this system:

      Take that the blogger has 5,000 total ratings but the average stars is 1.6 ... that to me says that the blogger isn't very popular, but currently it says the blogger has 5,000 ratings (has 5,000 stars) so I would take from that as being a popular blogger.


      ...if thumbs are used and let's say a user gets 100 down votes and 1 up vote, their number of ratings is 101.

      ...if a user gets 100 "1 star" ratings, they still have 100 ratings. Ratings normally equate to popularity.

      ...with additional insights for your consideration:

      1) When blogs set as thumbs rating should be reacting correctly (350 up votes 23 down votes ... total 373 ratings)
      2) When blogs set as stars rating should be average number of stars (4.3 really is 4.3 not 4); Averages shouldn't be rounded.
      3) When blogs set as likes the rating should be number of likes (1,000 likes)




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