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In Workflow review, article is displayed in author's localized view language, even if the article was only created in the default language



      If an article is created in one language, and the reviewer's display language is another language, then the reviewer's workflow review will show that submission in their specific language setting.

      For example, if a user submits a Web content article in the default language en_US, and the reviewer's language is ja_JP, when the reviewer looks through their review tasks, the article will show that it is a ja_JP content WITH an en_US version.

      This is incorrect because the article should only show the en_US version, regardless of what the reviewer's localization is set to.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. In Product Menu > Liferay DXP > Content > Web Content, Create a folder
      2. Next to that new folder, click the Options icon, then click Edit
      3. Set Single Approver workflow on this folder
      4. Create a new content in English (United States)
      5. Go to Product Menu > Control Panel > My Workflow Tasks > Assigned to My Roles
      6. Change the Display language in Japanese (append /ja/ after hostname:port in address)
      7. Click on the pending task
      8. Note that over the Web Content's title, the flag of Japan is displayed
      9. Click the flag again

      Actual Results
      To the reviewer whose display language is in Japanese, the main article is in ja_JP, and en_US is only a translated version.

      Expected Behavior
      To the reviewer whose display language is in Japanese, the main article should be in en_US, with no other translated versions, as only the en_US version was submitted in the workflow.

      Reproduced in
      7.1.X Private Commit: 40d9e186b7f81ae2c027e7e89fdb1ad890d6eb9f


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