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Ability to Exclude Certain File Types (Assets) from Being Searchable



      Client would like a way to configure Search within Documents and Media to filter out and not display images, while continuing to display other file types (e.g., PDFs, xls, doc, etc.).

      Current Search portlet has limitations in that the Asset Type "Documents" is all inclusive to many types of files. It would be nice to be able break down the types under Documents into finer resolution, such that assets such as images can be chosen to be excluded from searches.

      Here are simple steps which show the current behavior:
      1) Start Liferay DXP
      2) Add new Basic Documents to Documents and Media contents (.pdf, .xlsx, .docx, .jpg, .png)
      3) Navigate to main page and then Configure the Search portlet
      4) Under Display Settings -> Asset Type, move all Current assets to Available except Document
      5) Search for the different file types; note that all assets are searchable
      6) Configure the Search portlet again but this time under Asset Type, move Document to be Available and everything else as Current
      7) Search for the different file types; note that none of the assets are found when searched for

      My understanding is that this function is currently not available in OOTB Liferay or Elasticsearch, and that it would require code customization on the customer's part to achieve it. This Feature Request seeks to add configuration steps such that the different Document types can be individually excluded from search.




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