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Search for tags in Japanese language is not working properly



      After creating a few Japanese language tags, and assigning those tags to Collaboration suite assets, search does not work properly.

      Based on the behavior we have observed, it seems that tags are stored in a default index field which uses Standard analyzer which breaks down all Japanese Kanji characters into single characters.

      The following example lists steps to reproduce in DM, but it happens in WCM as well.

      Note LPS-84666 involved Categories as well, but was closed as a Duplicate as it seems that this behavior can be handled on this ticket also. Please examine the issue in Categories as well.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Unzip vanilla Liferay bundle (clean, no portal-setup.wizard, etc.)
      2. Initialize Liferay with Japanese as default language
      3. Restart Server
      4. After restarting, sign in with [email protected] (you can use English for ease of use, i.e. append /en/ after hostname:port)
      5. Navigate to Product Menu > Liferay DXP (Site) > Categorization > Tags
      6. Click Add Tag and add 東京
      7. Click Add Tag and add 出前京丁
      8. Navigate to Product Menu > Liferay DXP (Site) > Content > Documents and Media
      9. Upload a file and assign it the first tag 東京
      10. Upload another file and assign it with the second tag 出前京丁
      11. Change Display setting to Japanese (i.e. append /ja/ after hostname:port)
      12. Return to the home page, and in the Search widget (top right corner), search for 東京

      Actual Result
      Even though we searched for 東京, we get the asset assigned 東京 and 出前京丁.

      This is problematic because the only commonality that these two tags have are the character 京.

      Expected Behavior
      Since we searched for 東京, we get results for 東京 only.

      Reproduced in
      7.1.x private Commit: 815320372a34faa0ccd0ed1d4989af7d1502c5e6


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