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Audit's visual style is inconsistent with the rest of the Control Panel


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      Audit's visual style is not consistent with the rest of the Control Panel. There are missing margins, and the navigation buttons in each audit log entry are remaining in the layout instead of appearing on the top left corner of the title bar.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Product Menu > Control Panel > Configuration > Audit
      2. Assert that margins are missing everywhere
      3. Click on an audit entry that appears in the list
      4. Assert that the back icon is at the top of the body of the entry, rather than being next to the product menu drawer icon on the title bar
      5. On the search bar, click the magnifying glass and down arrow icon – assert that the slide drawer is not consistent as well

      Actual Results
      Audit's visual style has inconsistent styling and navigation placement compared with the rest of Control Panel.

      Expected Behavior
      Audit is consistent with the rest of Control Panel.

      Reproduced in
      7.1.X Private Commit: 82e87bf9ce198a34ad7e1eb134238d702d38a04d




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