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Error occurred while uploading file in web content with structure and template




      Customer reported that an error occurred while uploading file in web content with structure and template after removing permission "Add Web Content" from Role but adding in this folder.

      Reproduction Steps

      1. Log in as Administrator and create a new user. 
      2. Create a regular role and assign the newly created user to this role.
      3. Define permissions for the role:
      Under Sites > View Site Administration Menu.
      Under Site Administration > Content > Web Content > Access in Site Administration.
      4. Go to Web Content and add a folder.
      5. Give this folder Add Web Content permission for this role.
      6. Open the folder.
      7. Add a structure and drag Image icon to the right.
      8. Add a template under this structure.
      9. Sign out as administrator account and sign in with the newly created user account.
      10. Navigate to Content > Web Content
      11. Open the folder and create a new web content based on the structure and template.
      12. Click Select under Image then Select File from computer.

      Actual result: "An unexpected error occurred while uploading your file." message occurred.
      Expectation: File can be uploaded successfully.


      Can reproduce this issue on 7.0.x-private ID: f6ee90fec5ca01b7f5de70bd928ff94522e6b89e
      Can reproduce this issue on master ID: 52667212dd3813d5e35722e405d200544f225bb4


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