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No options to republish an unpublished Workflow without saving the old version, and increasing the version number


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      Workflows permit an "Unpublish" functionality, but there is no OOTB "re-publish" functionality. The only way to re-publish an unpublished workflow is to save the same workflow again. Even if there aren't any changes to the original unpublished workflow, the version number is increased/changed (+1). This is strange since we are simply trying to restore the original version that was unpublished at a certain period in time.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Product Menu > Control Panel > Configuration > Workflow
      2. Add a new workflow, with a title, and save
      3. Click the icon on the right hand of the workflow editor and assert that the TOTAL MODIFICATIONS reads "1 Revisions" (note: "1 Revisions" is incorrect also, it should be Revision(s) to sanitize for singular nouns)
      4. In that newly created workflow, click the Options icon on the top right corner, and click Unpublish.
      5. When the unpublished workflow loads again, click the icon again, and notice that the TOTAL MODIFICATIONS is still at 1 Revisions.
      6. Click Save on the workflow, to republish the unpublished workflow
      7. Click the icon again, and check the TOTAL MODIFICATIONS count

      Actual Results
      TOTAL MODIFICATIONS reads 2 Revisions, even if we're not publishing any changes, just a simple republish.

      Expected Behavior

      1. If a workflow is saved without any changes to its content or title, or any other modifiable features, then the version number should not increase.
      2. If a workflow is unpublished, its version number should not increase when using the Save form without any changes--or, provide a way to "republish" the unpublished workflow

      Reproduced in
      7.1.X Private Commit: d22a0085ba3d894122231249743a701b82c87a79


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