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Unable to add more than one Japanese ID for Adaptive Media



      If one Adaptive Media image resolution entry is added and has its ID in Japanese, other subsequent image resolution entries are unable to have its entry added in Japanese. The reason seems to be that Japanese characters are automatically converted to {}, and any subsequent Japanese text is rendered as {}, causing a conflict.

      To a user who is using Japanese, the ID section seems to allow Japanese characters the first time around, but does not work the second time around, so it looks broken. It seems that the option is to permit Japanese IDs as is or only allow ASCII characters.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Product Menu > Control Panel > Configuration > Adaptive Media
      2. Click the button to add a new image resolution
      3. Create a New Image resolution with the following parameters and then save
      • Name: A
      • Size 1 x 1
      • Identifier: Custom
      • ID: あ
      1. Go back to the Adaptive Media panel again, then click the button to add another image resolution
      2. Create a New Image resolution with the following parameters, and then save
      • Name: I
      • Size: 1 x 1
      • Identifier: Custom
      • ID: い

      Actual Results
      An error message appears with Error: A configuration with this ID already exists. Please enter a unique ID..

      Expected Behavior
      Either of these options seem to be the expected behavior (in ranking of expectation):

      • The ID is saved as is in Japanese without being stripped and coded as -) since we are building a "Custom" ID
      • The ID only permits ASCII (alphanumeric + symbols) characters

      Reproduced in
      7.1.X Private Commit: d22a0085ba3d894122231249743a701b82c87a79


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