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As a Form Creator, I'd like to add a Multiple Selection field in my form





      Acceptance Criteria:

      Adding field

      1. Add field on the page/stage by dragging and dropping it.

      Tab Basic

      1. after added, the field's label should be "Multiple Selection" (currently it is "check box" please, update it).
      2. Field name (field id) must comes from the field label, but as "camelCase".
      3. it can be populated just manually
      4. Field is switchable - Check the linked issue "LPS-88149"
      5. Follow the same behaviour we currently have on Alloy component. 
      6. It should have at least two options
      7. if it has only one option, after add the field type the cursor must be active in label field
      8. it should start with two text area available to add options
      9. the first option must contais the placeholder "Option"
      10. The second one  must contais the placeholder "Enter an Option"
      11. Whenever users interact with the last empty - does not matter its position on option list - another blank option must be available on the end of the list.
      12. the last option (the empty one) mustn't have the icon "X" to be removed 

      Tab Properties

      1. Show Label - active by default
      2. Inline - inactive by default
      3. Predefined value - choose from one or more items added as options on basic tab

      Definition of Done

      • ( ) Related tests created and passed successfully;
      • ( ) All Acceptance Criteria were passed;
      • ( ) Make sure that all system documentation were updated (if necessary);
      • ( ) Validated by QA, Product Designer and/or PM;
      • ( ) No critical issue related to Story scope (ex.: similar of a FP4, FP5 bug);
      • ( ) Code with peer review completed.


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