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Social Activity configuration missing localization in Japanese


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      Social Activity in a site's Configuration is missing translations in Japanese localization.

      For example, when we look at the default tab (Wiki Page) we can see that portions of English are still in the Japanese text:

      ユーザーに 2 participation point(s) and the content owner gets 2 貢献ポイントを与える。
      アセットに 2 人気ポイントが付与されます。

      Also, there are grammatical/contextual problems with the translation within this widget's configuration. For example, when clicking on the drop down "Limit":

      貢献と人気値は次の数までに制限する:0 回/日。この設定は一つのデーターにつき実施されます。.
      参加 値 は次のように制限する:0 回/日

      This seems to be a case where the English key is directly translated to Japanese leaving a potentially unintelligible sentence due to the differences in the languages' grammar organization.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Go to Product Menu > Liferay DXP (Site) > Configuration > Social Activity
      2. Switch to Japanese localization by entering /ja/ after hostname:port in URL
      3. Click the 制限 (Limit) button

      Actual / Expected Behavior Matrix

      English Actual Japanese Expected Japanese
      The user gets 2 participation point(s) and the content owner gets  2 contribution point(s).
      The asset gets 2 popularity point(s).
      ユーザーに 2 participation point(s) and the content owner gets 2 貢献 ポイントを与える。
      アセットに 2 人気 ポイントが付与されます。
      コンテントオーナーの貢献ポイント: 2
      アセットの人気ポイント : 2
      The contribution and popularity value is limited to 0  times a day per asset. 貢献と人気値は次の数までに制限する:0 回/日。この設定は一つのデーターにつき実施されます。. 貢献ポイントと人気ポイントの最大値 : 0 回/日

      As seen in the expected behavior, it would be best to segment sentence-driven configurations in English to simple configurations with colon in other languages to improve localization. This allows for improved experience without needing to identify a pattern for every supported language.

      Reproduced in
      7.1.x private Commit: ed9f66e5ad0e1b1153671444d6b3987e22991c59




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