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Forms broken when using Captchas with Field Visibility Expressions



      This issue is only reproducible in 7.0 since Forms added Rules in 7.1.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Startup Liferay
      2. Navigate to Content -> Forms
      3. Add new form "Test Form" with a text field
      4. When editing the text field, expand "Show more options"
      5. Find the setting "Field Visibility Expression"
      6. Put any valid value into the field
      7. Save the text field
      8. Save the form
      9. Navigate to any page on the site and place a Forms portlet
      10. Configure the portlet to show the "Test Form" just created
      11. Observe that the form renders properly
      12. Go back and edit the "Test Form"
      13. In the top right, select the "Options" dots -> "Settings"
      14. Toggle "Require CAPTCHA" so it is enabled
      15. Save the form
      16. Return to the site page with the Forms portlet and refresh the page

      Expected Behavior: Form portlet renders properly
      Actual Behavior: Observe that the form now renders with error


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