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Please include Asset Title and Asset Content searching in My Submissions


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      Current State
      In LPS-84450, Jeyvison Nascimento helped me understand that the Search functionality in My Submissions is configured to find results for the following:

      • Definition Name (i.e., the name of the workflow that the submission was under)
      • Asset Type (i.e., the asset entry from a specific component that was submitted through a workflow)

      Because only Definition Name and Asset Type are the two searchable areas, we are limited to finding submissions by the workflow name and the component name.

      The Search functionality would be improved if this included Asset Title or Asset Content as well, as this could help a user easily identify their submissions with known titles or known strings/sentences for further review/action.

      Use Case

      1. There are 80 asset submissions of varying components (let's say 40 Web Content, 40 Documents and Media) under the Single Approver workflow
      2. A user submits a Web Content article with a specific title.
      3. The Web Content article is 32/80 in terms of total content.
      4. If the user searches for the currently permitted search terms like "Web Content" or "Single Approver", they will get 40 Content articles that they will need to sift through, or 80 Single Approver definition entries

      In this case, if the user had the ability to search by Asset Title or Asset Content, it would greatly improve the UX and provide a more reliable and more efficient way to identify assets from Search.


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