If you localize more than one asset and configure an asset publisher with Maps ADT it won't change zoom. It will always zoom to your current location.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Go to Site Admin > Content > Web Content
      2. Create your own structure adding a Geolocated Field
      3. Generate an empty Template associated to that structure (it doesn't matter)
      4. Add an Asset Publisher to a page and configure it to show up just Web Content Articles belonging to that structure, and on Display Settings choose Liferay's ADT for maps
      5. Generate two Web Contents based on that Structure and geolocate them (f.i. one in Madrid (Spain) and the other one in Barcelona (Spain)).

       Expected result
      When loading the page (page with AP with map on ADT) a zoom is applied so both markers are shown.

       Actual result
      Only one marker is shown (accessing from Madrid) and you have to manually decrease the zoom level so getting to know that there are more markers.




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