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Expose label of the value in the StructuredContent API




      API Capabilities
      The consumer of this API will be able to:

      • Retrieve the label of the fields of a structuredContent in order to be able to understand the information in it 

      Security requirements

      The list should contain only the elements the user has permission to view. If a structured content is requested and the current user doesn't have permission to view it, a 404 error should be returned.

      General requirements
      The API should support at least Plain JSON, JSON-LD and HAL as output formats.

      The consumer developer should be able to control which linked resources are embedded so that they can be retrieved along with a structured content in a single request.

      The consumer developer can specify which fields are desired, to reduce the data transfer when the API is used from a consumer sensitive to it.


      Acceptance Criteria


      Given a structure like structure.json

      and a structuredContent with that structure is created

      when I retrieve through the API that content

      Then the response includes the label like in JSONExample.json



        1. JSONExample.json
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        2. structure.json
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