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Maximum file upload size alert message in Web Content always defaults to 100MB



      Reproduction steps:

      1) Start the server login as Admin
      2) Go to left Product Navigation Menu > Liferay DXP site > Content > Web Content
      3) Click on the top-right three vertical dots and choose "Structure"
      4) Click on the + button to add a new structure
      5) Create a new structure made by an out of the box Image field, for example:

          "availableLanguageIds": [
          "defaultLanguageId": "en_US",
          "fields": [
                  "label": {
                      "en_US": "Afbeelding"
                  "predefinedValue": {
                      "en_US": ""
                  "style": {
                      "en_US": ""
                  "tip": {
                      "en_US": ""
                  "dataType": "image",
                  "fieldNamespace": "ddm",
                  "indexType": "text",
                  "localizable": true,
                  "name": "Afbeelding39wk",
                  "readOnly": false,
                  "repeatable": true,
                  "required": false,
                  "showLabel": true,
                  "type": "ddm-image"

      6) Save and associate a new, blank, dummy template to it so it will be possible to publish web contents from such structure
      7) Go to Control Panel > Configuration > System Settings > Documents and Media > Service > Maximum File Size, add 3072000
      8) Go on the DXP Welcome page, click on the top-right + icon > Applications > Highlighted > Web Content Display > Add it to the page
      9) Click on the top-right + icon in the portlet itself to add a new web content from the structure made at step 4/5
      10) In the Image field, click on the "Select" button > "Select File" button > Choose an image that is more than 3MB in size

      Actual behavior: There will be an error message saying "Please enter a file with a valid file size no larger than 100.0MB."
      Expected: The message to be "Please enter a file with a valid file size no larger than 3MB."




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