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Unable to auto login through SAML if the requested resource has a url path not defined for auto login filter (example calendar email link)



      When clicking the calendar invitation email link using SAML, screen transition does not proceed correctly.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Setup two Liferay intances on two jvm
      2. Configure different virtual host name for each instance and write to hosts file (this step is required if two instances are on same machine)
      3. Create a user, eg. user1, on both instances, with same credentials
      4. Refer to the following page and setup Liferay as IdP and SP
      5. Login as test@liferay.com to SP
      6. Navigate to Control Panel > Configuraton > Server Administration > Mail
      7. Setup valid mail setting to receive email
      8. Add a Calendar Portlet to homepage
      9. Create an event and invite "user1"
      10. Please confirm that you received an invitation email
      11. Logout from the portal
      12. Check the email sent to "user1", and click the link of the received email to access the calendar
      13. Login as user1

      Actual result
      The page shows you are not loged in.
      Expected result
      You are loged in and there will be buttons for you to click in calendar

      Note: If user1 is already logged in, the calendar event display normally.

      Extected result
      Screen transition is done correctly.

      Reproduced in
      7.0.x-private: dcae6c5060770b366663b9ae7fa7ff1284b17412
      Master-private: 5185bd3cb531bd0df8dcb82102b906b38030bafb




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