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As a site admin I can use the page hierarchy for the navigation of a site, so that I don't have to create navigation menus for cases where they are not really needed




      Liferay 7.1 introduced the concept of navigation menus, which are decoupled from the page hierarchy, in order to support advanced navigation use cases, common specially in public websites. However this has caused some undesired complexity for other scenarios where just managing pages and use their hierarchy directly for navigation is enough. 

      Proposed solution

      The proposed solution is to offer the best of both worlds by enabling back the ability for a page hierarchy to be used directly for site navigation. The following improvements will need to be made to make it possible:

      • Add back the ability to move a page in the hierarchy (i.e. changing the parent page) 
      • Add back the ability to reorder sibling pages
      • Allow selecting the page hierarchy when displaying a menu (from the Navigation Menu widget). If the site has both public pages and private pages, it should be possible to select either of them as the menu.
      • Add back the "hidden" checkbox when editing a page to allow specifying whether a page should be shown in the "Page Hierarchy Menu" or not.
        • If possible, make the text the reverse, to be positive. So instead of "Hidden" make it "Show in Pages Hierarchy Menu"
        • If there are public and private pages, then the text should be "Show in Public Pages Hierarchy Menu" and "Show in Private Pages Hierarchy Menu" respectively
      • It is no longer necessary to automatically create a navigation menu from the page hierarchy the first page an admin goes to "Navigation Menus" administration.
      • When adding a page, the checkbox to select a menu to automatically add the page to should not be displayed if there isn't any menu marked as "Add pages to this menu by default". If there is, the checkbox should be unchecked by default. Ideally, if there are several menus, each of them should have their own checkbox.

      After these changes, navigation menus are still available, but are not necessary. They can be used when multiple navigation menus are desired, when there is a need to mix public and private pages, etc.


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