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Improve Japanese localization of email notification of Announcements - Translation missing



      Japanese localization of Announcement's email notification contains some issues. Specific to this request, the widget name is not translated

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Set announcements.entry.check.interval=1 in portal-ext.properties, as this will speed up the announcements entry check from 15 minutes (default) to 1 minute
      2. Configure a working SMTP server or tester to Liferay
      3. Add a user with a valid email address and set Japanese (日本語) as their display language
      4. Go to the user's Account Settings > Preferences > Alerts and Announcements Delivery > Check Email for "General", then Save
      5. Go to Control Panel > Configuration > Announcements and Alert
      6. Add Announcement with default configuration
      7. Wait for email notification to be sent to the new Japanese user
      8. Examine the email's subject

      Actual Results
      Widget name in subject of the email is "Announcement" in English.

      Expected Behavior
      Widget name in subject of the email is "お知らせ" as in the localized component name.

      Reproduced in
      7.1.X Private Commit: d22a0085ba3d894122231249743a701b82c87a79

      Related bugs

      The language key missing was fixed in the following bug: https://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-84856 


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