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Asset Publisher view in context not working with asset publisher display page


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      In 7.0 it was possible to put an asset publisher on a page, check the "Default asset publisher" box and choose view in context in another asset publisher to display a webcontent in that asset publisher. That feature seems to be broken in 7.1.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Create a page "Overview"

      2) Create a page "Details"

      3) Put an Assetpublisher on page "Details"

      4) Configure AP, check "Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page" in display settings

      5) Put an Assetpublisher on page "Details"

      6) Configure AP, configure "View in Context" in display settings

      7)  Create a basic webcontent "Test"

      8) In Webcontent, set "Use a specific display page for the web content." and select the page "Details"

      9) Go to page overview, it should now show "Test" and link to it

      10) Click on link.

      Expected result: Page "Details" is shown displaying the full content of "Test"

      Actual result: An "Asset Display Page", which seems to have been created automatically is displayed instead.


      Interestingly, that automatically created "Asset Display Page" can be configured, but can't be found in the Build/Pages area.





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