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      The goal of this story is to implement the component for viewing documents based on the new mockups designed for this epic. 

       [ Mockup | ]



      Enhanced Preview for Document and Media allows users to easily preview their files in desktop or mobile.

      The library fetches information about the file and its converted representations through choosing the appropriate viewer for the file type, dynamically loads the necessary static assets and file representations, and finally renders the file.




      The goal  of this story is to allow users to visualize documents dynamically, efficiently.

      Give feedback to the user on the page number, page number for the current page. Allow a user to navigate between pages.

      Give user feedback on files that can't be previewed.


      Use Cases

      As a user, I want to see the document
      As a user, I want to scroll through the actual page vertically
      As a user, I want to see feedback on the page numbers document have
      As a user, I want to see page number I'm currently on
      As a user, I want to navigate between pages using page number input 

      Discarded or moved to other stories (these changes are not reflected on the mockup screenshots provided): 

      • Users will have the option to zoom in and zoom out to fit their liking
      • The document will render size closer to A4 portrait and landscape size.

      User Experience


      Add a toolbar with page count / current page feedback, navigation to browse between pages.
      Allow the document to fit vertically or horizontally the container it is visualized in. 

      Visual Design


      Document display / Container

      • The document will dynamically be centered ( horizontally)
      • The document proportions must be conserved
      • scrollbars to appear (when a scroll is required) 


      Numeric input for page navigation (these changes are not reflected on the mockup screenshots provided):

      • User will be able to enter a page number and navigate to it
      • User will only be able to enter text characters
      • When a number higher or equal to the total number of pages in the document, it will navigate to the last page of the document


      Navigation to adjacent pages

      • The user will be able to navigate to previous or next page by using the arrows ** 


      Additional function (not included in this story)

      open with: another application

      full screen and see entire page.








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