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      Currently, when a user updates the metadata, name, description or the content of a document or media asset, DM will create a new version of the asset. The new version (minor or major) generated follows a hardcoded policy. The user can customize the version generated when saving the document.

      The goal of this story is to give the admin the ability to define the versioning strategy of documents and media. The admin user will be able to:

      • Define one or more automatic versioning policies.
        • The policy will state the increment (none, minor, major).
        • The policy will be triggered by a change in the content, metadata or anything.
        • The admin will be able to define a filter or filters for each policy.
        • The admin will be able to filter by document type.
        • If there is more than one policy that could be applied to a document, the system will apply the first one.
      • Decide if the user can customize the versioning when saving. If the user decides not to customize, the automatic versioning will be applied. If the user decides to customize, her decision will be imposed.

      Liferay will provide a default versioning strategy by default.

      The following actions won't trigger the automatic versioning of the document or media asset:

      • Modify its tags or categories
      • Modify its related assets
      • Add new comments




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