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As a user I want to correctly crop my picture to use it inside a user sticker.



      As a user I can upload an image that can be cropped for my user sticker.

      The cropped area must be always forced to crop squares. This will make easier for the user to image the final result for his sticker. 

      Related to the image when it is loaded in the modal:

      • An image wider than the available space must be forced to the available with. We don't want the user to have scrolls to navigate the image.
      • If the image is smaller than the modal width, display it in its original size.

      Cropping tool:

      • Must be always square, not being possible for the user to have a height different from width.
      • It must be always possible resize from any corner.

      Final result:

      • Once the image is saved. The image will appear inside the user sticker (rounded) in the user form.
      • The user sticker in the form is 80x80px. This user sticker size is not in Lexicon nor Clay, so you will have to build it.




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