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As a Page Author I can display a "Content Set" with items of a single type defining the presentation visually



      The goal of this story is to support displaying a "Content Set" defining the presentation visually with fragment. In this case, the marketer won't need to map each of the content of the list. Instead, the fragment will add one or more fragments which can be repeated as many times as needed to display each of the content. 

      The suggested process for the user would be as follows:

      1. Add the "Content Collection" fragment from the side bar. The fragment presents a grid of cells.
      2. Click on a button inside the fragment to select the desired collection. Choose one of the pre-existing Content Set, but only those that have items of one single Content Type would be selectable, to simplify the process of mapping.
      3. Add fragments inside any of the cells of the "Content Collection" fragment. The fragment will be added to all of the cells.
      4. Edit the value(s) of the fragment(s) added through either inline editing or via mapping to a field of the items in the list. This can be done in any cell of the grid and will be applied to all the others.


      Currently it is already possible to display "Content Sets" in a Content Page via Asset Publisher. However, this requires the creation of freemarker templates by a developer. This story aims to provide an alternative that requires no development.


      Story Mockup


      Test Scenarios

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration)
      The title of asset entries in selected collection should be shown as a list in the Collection Display Smoke Manual No No
      The collections with multiple asset type are unavailable to the Collection Display Sanity Manual No No
      The fragment should be added to all cells of the Collection Display when add it to one cell Smoke Manual No No
      The changes will be propagated to others cells when edit inline content of fragment in one cell Sanity Manual No No
      The mapped content of asset entries in selected collection should be respectively shown in each cell of the Collection Display when map content to editable field of one fragment in one cell Sanity Manual No No


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