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Invalid character in pages - page cannot be created



      The issue: non-breaking space in Creole source breaks the auto-linking feature of Wiki. It graphically appears as a normal space in rich text editor but it shows as a red dot in the source. Such dot is translated into %C2%A0 , breaking the hyperlink, which will lead to a non-existing page. I could reproduce on Grow Prod.

      Steps on clean environment:

      1) Place a Wiki portlet on a page
      2) Add some content to the FrontPage
      3) Add Child Page to FrontPage with title "Test Page" (with whatever content)
      4) In a Google Docs, create this text: Test<non-breaking-space>Page. You may be able to type the non breaking space in a Google Doc by following these steps: Insert ->Special characters... >>Format & Whitespace + Compatibility >> Click the first empty box ((U+00A0) No-break Space) on the left
      5) Edit FrontPage (or create another Child Page)
      6) Copy the text to the content of the new Wiki page
      7) Switch to source: notice how there is a red dot instead of space
      8) Still in source mode, surround the text with double square brackets [[ ]] so that it will become an actual hyperlink like this:

      **[[Test Page]]**

      This should point to the already existing Wiki page http://localhost:8080/web/guest/home/-/wiki/Main/Test+Page after publication
      7) Publish
      8) Click on Test Page link

      Expected: http://localhost:8080/web/guest/home/-/wiki/Main/Test+Page to open
      Actual behavior: No existing page will open, instead you will be prompted to create a new one

      Modern applications allow the usage of non breaking space. Wiki creole accepts and represents them graphically as a space, but stores them in the source as being an "error" (red dot). Such error messes the hyperlinks, leading to unwanted results.




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