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As a page admin I can export a display page in its Open JSON format and deploy/import them



      Display Pages can now be created per site. By default no display pages are provided, giving site owners full freedom to decide for which content types to create a display page for.

      While this is reasonable for Web Content it is not so for other content types. For example, by leveraging display pages for documents, it will be possible to provide a better experience for the Documents & Media display widgets by allowing for the creation of a much better experience when visualizing a document or image. However for this to be possible, a default display page should be provided along with the widget, since otherwise it would fail when trying to present the document in detail.

      The goal of this feature is to allow developers to provide a display page that is automatically available in all sites, so that they can rely on its existence from their own applications.  

      Marketers and other site owners will be able to create a different display page and replace the one provided by default if desired. They will not be able to modify display pages provided by default (programmatically) to facilitate deployment of new versions of it.


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