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Ability to preview individual content within a page before publishing them within a Fragment


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      WE | Sprint 13 | Mar4 - Mar17, WE | Sprint 14 | Mar18 - Mar31, WE | Sprint 15 | Apr1 - Apr5


      The goal of this improvement is to make it easier for a content author to view a given content in the context of a page. More specifically in a content page, where a fragment has been configured to display that specific content.

      When the content has been published, the author should have an option to list all the pages where the content is displayed and go to them.

      It should also be possible to preview content that is still in draft state. We need to do research to determine the best way to achieve this. The process may need to be different for the very first version of a content than for subsequent versions, since in the latter case the content may be already in display in one or more pages.

      Note: It will also be considered to add this functionality to preview within a Web Content Display to support existing use cases. However the priority will be previsualization within fragments since in 7.2 it will become the recommended way of displaying content.

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