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Resource Permission does not have Owner Id


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      Reproduction Steps

      1. Use 7.0.x 3764ddbd69c3fa9f95191ee16d11f2ffec1a772d
      2. Logged in as Administrator (test@liferay.com)
      3. Create two pages and Enable remote staging with default options
      4. Create a site role as Site Editor with the following permission
      a. Site Administration > Navigation > Site Pages > General Permissions: Check all permissions
      b. Site Administration > Navigation > Site Pages > Resource Permissions: All permission for Site and Page except for delete page permission
      c. Site Administration > Content > Documents and Media > General Permissions > View
      d. Site Administration > Content > Documents and Media > Resource Permissions > Documents Folder > View
      5. Create a new user having Site Editor role for both local and remote site
      6. Login as the new user and create a new page as "Page from Editor" in local site
      7. Publish pages to live site
      8. Switch to live site and click the ellipsis-v besides the pages owned by the user
      Actual Result: The user is not able to delete pages from live site for custom role even if that page is created by that user.
      Expected Result: The user will get Delete option for pages owned by the user.

      You can test on master and 7.0.x de-53 and see the Expected Result.

      Also note that AdvancedPermissionChecker.hasOwnerPermission() ln 279 sees that the OwnerId passed to it is 0, instead of the the creating User's Id. In the database you can also see that the Resource Permission has 0 for Owner Id.




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