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As an Audience Targeting user, I can migrate my segments to 7.2



      The goal of this story is to provide automated migration of Audience Targeting segments to Liferay Segments preserving their relevant information, including name and segmentation criteria. The mapping of Audience Targeting rules to Segments criteria is defined in the product documentation. 

      This story does not cover the migration of other Audience Targeting elements such as Campaigns or Reports, and the display portlets, either. 

      Upgrade steps:

      1. Install the latest version of Audience Targeting 3.x on the latest FP/SP of Liferay 7.1.x
      2. Create various sites with several user segments including all types of rules
      3. Upgrade the Liferay installation to Liferay 7.2, following the standard procedure. The Audience Targeting app must not be installed in the Liferay 7.2 bundle.

      Acceptance criteria:

      Once the upgrade is completed, login to the portal and verify that:

      • In Liferay 7.2, under [My Site] > Members > Segments you find a segment (same name) for each created segment in step 2.
      • For each segment, verify that the defined criteria correspond to the rules added in version 7.1, according to the documentation
      • Use a DB client to connect to the portal database and verify that:
        • All Audience Targeting tables have been removed (i.e. no tables starting with CT_ can be found)
        • The ClassName_, Release_, ResourceAction, ResourcePermission and ServiceComponent tables contain no references to AudienceTargeting (i.e. no name/serviceContextName/buildNamespace starting with "com.liferay.content.targeting" or "CT")

      Design Deliverable (Review Workflow and Component page on Figma): N/A 


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