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As an Inbound Marketer, I can promote different content collections for a given audience



      This story aims to support variations of asset lists (both manual and dynamic) for segments that can be exploited via APIs and the Asset Publisher.

      For dynamic lists, the variation may affect to all options (scope, type, filter and sorting, this is, the info currently stored in the typeSettings).

      Acceptance Criteria

      • It is needed to have a content set created to add a content set variation.
      • When creating a variation of a content set (manual or dynamic) it is needed to provide a segment.
      • The name of the variation is provided by the name of the segment.
      • Only one variation per segment.
      • When creating the first variation, unsegmented content set (the default content set without segment applied) will appear as a personalized variation.
      • When selecting a segment it is possible to filter and order, sorting and search.
      • It is possible to remove a variation.
      • It is possible to edit a variation, changing the segment.
      • It is possible to preview the content of a dynamic content set variation in a modal window.
      • It is possible to prioritise variations by ordering them in a modal window. (Not implemented for this story)
      • Only the content matching the criteria of the assigned segment must be shown in asset publisher.

      Design Deliverable (Review Workflow and Component page on Figma):


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