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Forms: new translation of Body Text field in Paragraphs overwrites other languages



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log in as Admin
      2. Go to Content > Forms
      3. Click '+' button to create a new form
      4. Add a Paragraph element to the form
      5. Fill in Title and Body text fields (As the default language is English, I entered English in both fields)
      6. Save the Form
      7. Click Add translation > German
      8. Click the Paragraph field to enter a translation
      9. Enter German for both Title and Body text fields
      10. Save the Form

      Actual result: If you go to the Default language (English), you will see the title as "English", but the body text as "German". German translation shows "German" for both Title and Body text fields correctly.

      Expected result: English default language should show "English" for both Title and Body text fields.


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