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AutoLoginFilter.java cannot call the AutoLogin class defined in auto.login.hooks property


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Resolution: Won't Fix
    • Affects Version/s: 5.2.3, 6.0.6 GA
    • Fix Version/s: 5.2.3, 6.0.6 GA
    • Component/s: Application Security
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    • Environment:
      Windows XP SP3 - development workstation
      Jboss 4.3 GA CP06
      Liferay 5.2.3
      IIS 6.0 Web Server - for SPNEGO handshake with the Active Directory Server
      Internet Explorer 7.0
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      I am using the IIS web server (using isapi_redirect) in front of Jboss for SPNEGO based SSO. I can see the request.getRemoteUser returning with <DOMAIN_NAME>\<my user id> in AutoLoginFilter.java
      I have a custom AutoLogin class named SpnegoAutoLogin.java that I have configured in auto.login.hooks property inside portal-ext.properties. But, when I test the Single Sign On functionality, it doesn't call the custom SpnegoAutoLogin class defined for auto.login.hooks property.

      I put a breakpoint in AutoLoginFilter.java using eclipse and tested it in debug mode. The line
      String remoteUser = request.getRemoteUser();
      in AutoLoginFilter.java returns <DOMAIN_NAME>\<my user id> as expected.

      However, after that it calls the BaseFilter.java and returns a blank page. It does not go to the SpnegoAutoLogin.java configured through auto.login.hooks property.
      Looking at the code below from AutoLoginFilter.java, I found out that the reason it doesn't call the class associated with auto.login.hooks is because of the if condition in the code below.

      String remoteUser = request.getRemoteUser();
      String jUserName = (String)session.getAttribute("j_username");

      if ((remoteUser == null) && (jUserName == null)) {
      for (AutoLogin autoLogin : _autoLogins) {
      try {
      String[] credentials = autoLogin.login(request, response);

      Please let me know your thoughts and if you need any additional information on this issue. This issue can also be found in the forums by using the link below.


      I think I have the solution to this problem which I am testing right now. Once, my test is successful, I will submit it.



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