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Alloy Editor/CKEditor: Dragging an Image Wrapped in an Anchor Tag Causes Image to Disappear




      When an image is hyperlinked in a Web Content and displayed on a Page using a Web Content Display, dragging the image will make it disappear and the image size handlers will still show. When attempting to resize the image after it disappears, the image is completely removed.

      This issue is reproducible on Firefox and Chrome (I have not tested IE due to Linux environment).

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1) Startup Liferay Master.
      2) Create a Web Content with an image
      3) Add a link to the image (ex. google.com)
      4) Publish the Web Content
      5) Create a Page and the Web Content to the page (Optional; Web Content Display portlet can be just created in the default Welcome Page).
      6) Edit the Web Content from the Web Content Display Portlet
      7) Drag the image until the cursor displays with a small box (view attached GIF file)


      Note that this issue is only reproducible in Liferay in environments such as the pop-up frame when you edit the Web Content from a Web Content Display Portlet (basically, if your pop-up is contained within an iframe). Non inframe environments such as when you are editing the web content from the control panel will not cause the issue.

      • Issue is also reproducible on CKEditor (use CKEditor as default editor); it is not as consistently reproducible as on AlloyEditor.


      Expected Behavior: Image does not move
      Actual Behavior: Image disappears and image resizing tool still shows

      Master : Reproduced 339bc98968c6f3c0159e8f29d7fe7cbe933ee493
      71x : Reproduced b9bf75b2a0b26d6523c686496105330322680016
      70x : Reproducedf5909c153b682f46ec04df187573e19ba003991e


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