DXP's message boards do not allow deletion of the root message if there's more than one child message.

      When attempting to delete the root message from the UAD "Delete Personal Data" review step, an unhandled exception is thrown and the message "User Associated Data is temporarily unavailable" appears. See animated gif.

      Couple subtasks from this:

      1. The UAD framework should ideally handle exceptions gracefully. We would need to evaluate how to handle situations where a bulk delete is performed. Do we catch exceptions then move forward with attempting to delete other MBMessages? Or does the entire batch fail then show the exception?
      2. This particular issue of deleting root messages w/ children is particular to the MB app and would require custom logic in MB's UAD implementation to handle properly. We could either detect whether children messages exist and disable the "Delete" option or force a deletion of all children. This may be easier to handle once we've implemented the hierarchical view in 7.2.




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