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As a user I want to change categories of all the digital assets in a DM folder in an easy way


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      For delivering personalized experiences at scale, our customers need to deal with tons of images and media assets. Personalization leverages categorization to provide the best experience to the customers.

      Use case

      National Geography has received more than 3000 images to participate in their annual Best Wild photograph of the year award. The marketing department wants to show all the pictures participating in the award. And once the prize is awarded, marketing guys want to have a specific portal showing the winners.

      With these requirements in mind, the IT department has worked on a web component that shows images based on a set of tags. This way, the marketing department guys need to just tag images with "candidate" or "winner" and the web component will do the magic.

      The Marketing manager has created a folder called "Best Wild Photo 2018". All the images are being stored in this folder. Now, the Marketing manager has to change the tag "candidate" to all the 3000 images in the folder. And after that, once the prize is awarded, the marketing manager will add the tag "winner" to the winners in an easy way.


      Currently, Documents and Media does not provide a good experience when managing multiple assets.

      The goal of this story is to help our customers to categorize and tag documents and media assets at scale.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • When a user is browsing a folder, the user will be able to select multiple assets and edit their categories in bulk.
      • When a user is editing categories in bulk, the user will be able to decide if she wants to append new categories to current categories or to change old categories for new ones.
      • When a user applies the bulk action, the system should inform the user the result of the action.

      The action shouldn't be provided if the user does not have permissions to do it.

      Use Case

      1. Select one file
      2. Click Select All in the Management Toolbar
      3. Click Edit Categories action in the Management Toolbar
      4. Select Add
      5. Select some Categories using Categories selector
      6. Click Save


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