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Page is not displayed by the navbar after remote publishing the site



      To reproduce:
      1. create a site, take a note on its site id
      2. create a new site
      3. add page to the site with name page 1
      4. enable remote staging for this site having enabled site pages variation on public pages, using the site id from the step 1
      5. navigate to the site
      6. add a new site pages variation
      7. add a new page to the site with page 2
      8. navigate to the site
      9. mark page 1 as ready for publication
      9. click on the page 2 in the navigation portlet
      10. mark page 2 as ready for publication
      11. click on Go to Site link
      Make sure that the url doesn't contain page
      12. click on Publish to Live button
      You can see that two pages is displayed in the simple publication summary screen
      13. click on the Publish to Live button

      Actual result:
      Publication process finishes successfully
      Navigating to the remote live site you find both pages under Build > Pages
      Only one page is displayed on the navigation portlet

      Both pages to be displayed by the navigation portlet

      Tested on 7.1.x eac3707




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