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Site navigation menu portlet doesn't work correctly with relative level configuration



      Reproduction Steps:

      0.) Use a vanilla bundle with the latest fix pack.

      1.) Create a new site, and add 7 pages, the structure should 4 level parent and child pages. Please find below illustration:


      2.) Go to page111 and add a Navigation Menu select Configuration, in the popup select:

      • Root Page --> Relative Parent Up By
      • Root Page Level --> 2
      • save the configuration and close the popup.

      Expected: the portlet shows page11 and page12.
      Result: You will see page111 and page112.

      Note: It seems that the level goes in the opposite direction. Also, LPS-82709 handles a similar issue, but only solves the problem on Relative Level 0.

      edited: set root page level to 2, since based on the requirements in LPS-82709, level + 2 should be the parent level.




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