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Adding content to an Asset Publisher that has more than one possible scope causes the asset publisher to return to a previous screen upon publication




      An Asset Publisher with more than one scope will return to a full screen version of the menu that allows scope/type selection upon publication.


      Reproduction Steps

      1. Create two sites ("One" and "Two"). Create a page for site "One".
      2. On the page for site "One," place an asset publisher.
      3. Enter the configuration menu for the asset publisher. Setup > Scope > Select > add "Two" to the scope of the asset publisher.
      4. Add content to the asset publisher through the add button. A menu asking for a scope and asset type should appear. Select any combination of options and add that asset to the asset publisher.

      Expected Result: The asset is published. The user is returned to the page with the asset publisher on it with the asset visible.

      Actual Result: The asset is published. The user is returned to a screen containing only the menu asking for a scope and asset type. The add button is non-functional, the user must press back on their browser or otherwise navigate elsewhere to leave.



      Master - a56808a63f4efce8dddbd7d14a87c9ff14dd1efb

      71x - 9701183013b477ee9c93a7acb2e35528cb192e94



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