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Apply button of filtering DDM repeatable fields in Asset Publisher is not responsive



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start a 7.1 bundle with Fix Pack 2
      2. Create a structure with two text fields (name them field1 and field2), make field2 repeatable
      3. Create a template for the structure to display those fields
      4. Create a Web Content article1 using that Structure, type "AAA" in field1 and "One" in field2
      5. Create another Web Content article2 using the Structure, type "BBB" in field1 and "Two" in field2, then add another field2, type "Three" in it, then add another field2 and type "Four" in it
      6. Create a new Page
      7. Put an Asset Publisher there
      8. Go to its configuration - > Source -> Asset Type
      9. Choose Web Content Article -> your structure
      10. Turn Filter by field on, click on Select
      11. See that all fields are displayed properly
      12. Go back to configuration. On Source set Filter by Field (Yes). Select field1 and insert "AAA". Apply. Save.
      13. See that only Web Content1 is visible like it is expected
      14. Back to configuration -> filter by field, select field2 and insert "Four".
      15. Try to apply

      Expected behavior: Filter can be applied and saved

      Actual behavior: Filter cannot be applied/saved and an error message shows up in the browser's console 

      aui.js:1441 Uncaught Error: DDNodeScroll: Invalid Node Given: .lfr-form-content
      at YUI.error (aui.js:1441)
      at NS.setter (dd-scroll.js:391)
      at NS._setAttrVal (attribute-core.js:851)
      at NS._setAttr (attribute-core.js:657)
      at NS.set (attribute-observable.js:69)
      at NS.addAttr (attribute-core.js:455)
      at NS._addLazyAttr (attribute-core.js:530)
      at NS._getAttr (attribute-core.js:743)
      at NS.get (attribute-core.js:490)
      at NS.initializer (dd-scroll.js:403)




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