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Opening hidden login page of a site using a virtual host redirects to the default login page



      Steps to reproduce Watch the attached video for assistance:

      1. Put these two lines in your hosts file:
        " site1.example.com site2.example.com"
      2. Start a 7.0 DXP with de-59
      3. Go to Site Administration -> Control Panel -> Sites -> Sites
      4. Open Liferay site's options
      5. Add site1.example.com as a virtual host for the public pages, Save
      6. Create a new site called "Sample site"
      7. Add site2.example.com as a virtual host for the public pages, Save
      8. Create a new Page called "Home"
      9. Go to Home page's configuration, click the upper right corner menu and select Permissions
      10. Remove the View permission of the Guest user, Save
      11. Create a new Page called "Login"
      12. Put a Sign in portlet on it
      13. Log out
      14. Go to http://site2.example.com:8080'
      15. See you've got redirected to the login page of Sample site as expected
      16. Log in
      17. See you are on the Home page of Sample site
      18. Go to the Login page's configuration, make the page hidden (Hide from navigation menu ON , on master: Show in Public Pages Hierarchy Menu OFF), Save
      19. Log out

      Expected behavior: You get redirected to the Sample site's Login page

      Actual behavior: You get redirected to the default Liferay site's guest page

      Also tested: 

       7.0.x @ commit (a1a0648aae1f06a0b8645674e628f3ccd300e9e7) reproduced

       master @ commit (9a6d193475cafb3abd552a841a213b6dd5b435fe) reproduced


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