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AlloyEditor toolbar for table editing is misplaced when content field was half visible



      Reproducing steps

      1. Create a new web content structure with several html fields.
      2. Add a Web Content Display to a page.
      3. Click on the plus-button of the portlet to add a new web content with the structure created in the first step. Give it a name.
      4. Scroll so that one of the html fields is only half visible.
      5. Click on that field. The Plus button should appear.
      6. Click on the Plus button. The main toolbar should appear.
      7. Click on the grid button to insert a new table. The toolbar to select number of rows and columns should appear.
      8. Click on the tick button.
        Expected: The page scrolls to show the whole field and the table editing toolbar is placed at the top of the grid.
        Observed: The page scrolls to show the whole field but the table editing toolbar is misplaced at the bottom of the pop-up window.

      Note: In master and 7.1.x the page scrolls right after clicking on the Plus button. In those branches the table editing toolbar is placed correctly.

      This behavior is not reproduced when editing the web content via the site control panel. There the portlet is in maximized mode instead of pop-up mode.

      This is a 7.0.x-only issue. It is not reproduced in either master or 7.1.x


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