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    • Component/s: Collaboration, Sharing
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      Description: This test makes sure only owners see the Collaborators List. Collaborators will only see the owner.
      Setup: DM widget is added to page, Show Actions is enabled for this widget, user is added (this user doesn't need any permissions or roles assigned to him)

      Test Steps:

      1. Add a second user
      2. Add a new document: Document_1.doc
      3. Edit permissions for this document. Disable View and Add Discussion permissions for Guest.
      4. Under document options, click Share
      5. Invite BOTH users to collaborate by adding their email addresses on the field
      6. Click Share
      7. Go back to Document
      8. Click on Info button
      9. Assert owner is displayed as well as the two collaborators
      10. Sign out and login as first user
      11. View document
      12. Click on Info button
      13. Assert owner of the document is displayed
      14. Assert other collaborators are not displayed
      15. Assert Manage Collaborators link is not displayed
      16. Sign out and sign in as owner
      17. Go to Manage Collaborators
      18. Remove collaborators one by one by clicking on the remove button next to their names
      19. Save
      20. Assert success message Permissions Changed
      21. Assert empty state message displays No Collaborators. You can add collaborators for sharing again


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