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As a user I want to select all the assets in a folder of DM




      One of the use cases we want to cover in Bulk actions is the possibility of selecting all the assets in a folder and apply an action. To do that, we need to adapt our backend services and we need to tune our management toolbar. The goal of this story is to adapt the management toolbar and enable the "Select All" pattern. 

      Acceptance Criteria

      • When a user has selected all the assets in a pagination of DM, the user will be able to select all the assets in that folder.
      • When a user has selected all the assets in a folder, the system will provide feedback of the selection to the user.
      • When a user has selected all the assets in a folder, the system will allow the user to clear the selection

      Use case: Select All

      1. Check all the assets in current page using Check All or manually one by one.
      2. Click "Select All" in the management toolbar

      Expected: All the dataset must be selected and "Select All" hides. 



      Use case: Multi selection in pages

      1. Check two the assets in Page 1 
      2. Select Page 2
      3. Check One Item

      Expected: 3 Items must be selected 


      User Experience


      Selection Rules for Management Toolbar

      • Always the checkbox is related to elements selection in the page.
      • Each time I change page, the checkbox status is unchecked , unless selection is already made in the destination page.
      • When not all elements in a page have been selected but at least 1 is selected, the checkbox status is Indeterminate:
      • When all elements in page are selected, the checkbox status is:
      • Each time an element is selected or deselected the elements counter updates in the second state of the management bar. The counter is on the second state of the management bar.
      • If elements are selected at any page, the management toolbar must remain in the second status on page change.
      • When clicking on a partial selection state (checkbox status is Indeterminate: ), the result is page selection and the checkbox state turns into Unchecked state:
      • Selected items counter must be always done over the global number of items and accumulating from page to page.
      • Follow rules described in the Select All Feature document.

      Checkbox State Cycle
      When the user clicks a checkbox:

      • If it's Indeterminate then it changes to Unchecked.
      • If it's Unchecked then it changes to Checked.
      • If it's Checked then it changes to Unchecked.


      Unchecked Checked Indeterminate


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